line advertising and graphic studio easy web
line advertising and graphic studio easy web
line advertising and graphic studio easy web

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Our services

Advertising agency Prague – Graphic design.
Graphic services, Graphic design of your company.
Corporate identity, webdesign and web creation.
Basic steps and principles for creating websites.

Advertising agency Praque – graphic desing.

The first and determinant impulse to stay in website is its graphic design, which means how the web looks like. The visitor decides within a few seconds whether to stay on web or not. We are aware of it so we try to create modern, intuitive and well-arranged web at the same time.

Graphic design?

Presentation of your company, business or your own person doesn´t end by website creation. We are able to create integrated corporate identity and design including not only already mentioned websites but also processing of company´s logo and graphic manual of commercial stationery.

Graphic desing not just for web – advertising agency.

The website with high quality processed graphic design is not the only important element of company´s promotion. Company with well managed and integrated graphic design (logographer, web, corporate identity) has much bigger chance for further growth, better advertisement and more opportunities for the future expansion because it is easier to remember a well designed brand. The graphic style is very effective means of making company visible and promoting yourselfself. Just have a look at some big companies like mobile operators or televisions in Czech republic. Do you remember how do their graphic design or logographer look like? Sure you do. According to this fact, it´s very important to create quality graphic design, which has a high influence on customer´s behaviour.

Graphic services. Modern graphic desing for your company!!

- Company logos, logographers.

- Graphic design of websites.

- Redesign of current websites.

- Graphic manual (business cards, letterheads,), car-stickers, promotional materials etc.

- Graphic presentations, flash banners, leaflets, printed materials.

Company logo and logographer.

The basis of the presentation of company, business or individual person is logo as well. Logo is a brand which is able to describe the basic essence and character of the company. Easyweb offers you a creation of a well-remembered and efficient logo to endorse your company, business or your own person.

Graphic projection of websites.

The first thing your customer come in touch with is a web design which determinates his decision whether to stay and come through the web or leave it.

Redesign of websites.

Do you think your web is out - of - date and doesn´t meet your expectation? The graphic design should be changed from time to time. Websites need to be modernised. If you are not satisfied with your current websites, Easyweb offers you redesigning, modernization, validation and correction of current web code.

The corporate identity.

It would be misleading to suppose that the websites are sufficient for a company presentation. We create unique and incommutable visual style to make the costumers to remember you in the competitive environment.

Graphic manual.

The graphic manual defines a basic visual style of your company. The manual became neccessary for every company which ensures the communication with the customers. If you want to touch your surroudings by modern, estetic, integrated and incommutable design, it is vital to have graphic manual. It unifies business cards, letterheads, fax papers, e-mail and presentation patterns, defines stickers for company cars, advertising articles, T-shirts, bags and other carriers of your logo. It enables a creation of integrated and incommutable visual style, which helps people to remember your company.

Logo creation, logographer.

Logo is a part of corporate identity. We always create about two or three different logo variations that can be used for printing as well as for electronic medium.

Webdesign and www creation.

Easyweb studio is willing to prepare new websites which fit exactly to your requirements and needs. We offer creation of new websites that could help you make money. Don´t miss your chance, the web is nowadays the most efficient and the cheapest form of a business promotion.

What else belongs to webdesign? Flash.

Flash banners and flash animations became recently very popular in webdesigning. Easyweb offers you a creation of high quality flash animations or flash banners which catch eye of your potential or current customer.

Some basic steps and principles for web design.

How do we set our proposals?

• We always start up with setting targets. Targets are the fundamental presumption for success. You will tell us about your aims and we will help you to create a particular shape of your project.

• The second think that we do is an analysis of your competition. The analysis is based on your aims and leads to the identification of the properties of your web. It´s highly important to know the strenghts and the weaknesses of your competitors as well as a specificity in your branch of business.

The implementation of a project.

• An original graphic concept. The graphic makes your web trustworthy, attractive and above all it supports its applicability. The main sense of graphic is to make visitor go through the websites and have a look not only at the start page but also at the other sections of the web. We´ll create an interesting graphic design which catch the web visitors and meets your requirements at the same time.

• A technical solution without any compromise. We follow all modern standarts and regulations for accessible websites. The properties like valid source code ( XHTML 1.0 Strict as CSS 2.1) or separation of content from the form is not bonus, it is our standart followed in each project. Another browser optimalization called SEO is also obvious for us.

• Tailored editorial system. We are able to create your own administration. The web management is easy and well-arranged, it is possible to arrange the system precisely according to your requirements. It disposes of a number of useful moduls already in its basic form.

• The web is maximum usable. We intend to create every web user friendly so that the visitors can move throught the website without any problem, go throught the content easily and buy your products. We create a graphic design and technical concept in accordance to this aim.

The smooth cooperation with the customers.

• Effective communication. We use only modern communication methods like worldwide spreaded Basecamp and also own extranet to make our work processing steadily and without any complication. We can also be at disposal for you on some instant Messenger (MSN, ICQ, Skype). Keeping track about the development of your web allows the www adress that you´ll be given on request.

• Goal orientation while solving the problems. Unexpected complications can appear during every work. We make effort to avoid them but if it leads to some, our solution is always focussed on high-quality results that fit to your requests. Your aims are our priority.

• Comprehensive customer interface. You can give us different assignments but we´ll achieve the best results only with the widest cooperation. The experience show that a long-time cooperation based on mutual confidence quarantees the top quality.

Tools we use

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